Candles... The Vibe Enhancer


We all love candles; the soft flickering light lends any room a warming glow producing a beautiful ambience and enhancing the vibe. A well placed candle can provide countless benefits making it the perfect addition to any home. Let’s delve in and discover all that these calming candles can offer for our health. Candles are a vibe enhancer and let me tell you why.

The collection of candles we have at Bel Flame Candles are crafted in 100% soy wax, a vegetable wax that is made from the oil of soybeans, making it vegan, and all-natural. Deriving from vegetables, burning a soy wax candle is entirely non toxic, it burns for longer and produces zero waste, unlike the unhealthy soot that is burnt through traditional paraffin candles. In addition to being naturally biodegradable and eco-friendly, the scent throw emitted through soy wax is strong and fragrant.


The aroma of candles can make you feel calm, relaxed and set the mood for an evening of pure bliss. If there was ever a reason why you should burn more candles around you, it will be the wonderful benefits each scent can offer you. Aromas such as cinnamon can make you feel refreshed, more alert, improve your memory and of course, give you that warm and cosy vibe. If you’d like to experience all of these benefits, why not purchase our ‘Cinnamon & Vanilla Candle’.


Our ‘Eucalyptus Candle’ provides you with natural solutions to decrease mental stress and anxiety. With 2020 being a challenging year, having one of these candles flickering in your home could be just what you need to feel more at ease, allowing you to unwind and relieve some of your stress.

Peppermint candles. Well it comes as no surprise that these scented wonders do way more than energizing, stimulating and invigorating. Yes, burning a peppermint candle can relieve congestion, headaches and manage stress. As much as us humans find the smell inviting, mosquitos hate minty scents, which allows our candle filled with peppermint goodness act as a mosquito repellent, keeping those pesky insects at bay (shout out to my Floridians).  Try it out yourself! With the holidays coming up a peppermint candle can make for a great gift. 

The delightful citrusy aroma that our ‘Sultry Candle’ emits evokes memories of a lemon-filled summer vacation. Meanwhile the aroma transports you to a dreamy lemon grove, the sweet and warming fragrance helps to brighten your mood and increase concentration – the perfect way to revitalize your mind and body.


For those that wish to unwind and prepare for a deep comforting night’s sleep, burning our ‘Lavender Candle’ beforehand will soothe you, making you feel calm and serene. The graceful scent signals the brain to slow your heart rate down, resulting in your muscles loosening and heading into deep relaxation.


With many of us working from home, there’s no better time than now to stock up on wonderful, all-natural candles to create an idyllic and calming ambience for you each and every day. Find the perfect candle for you or your loved ones by discovering a candle, two, or the entire collection at Bel Flame Candle Co. 


Peace & Love,



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