About Us

Who would have thought? A Haitian- Nigerian Girl born and raised in the United States that didn’t turn out to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer! Lol if you know you know.

 Hello, there my name is Danielle and I’m a full-time mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Born in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant parents It was a requirement to know the value of the dollar.

 I began making candles after having my daughter while going through post postpartum depression. As a new mother, it was important to me to take care of my mental health by doing something that I love while still being at home. A hobby quickly became a passion and I decided it was time to launch my business.

My mission is to simply inspire and empower people to implement self-care into their daily lives. Our aromatherapy and wellness candles are an eco-friendly candle alternative that is vegan and made with coconut soy wax.  

It was very important to use all-natural wax around my little one while creating  environmentally friendly candles that have unique captivating fragrances.  

We know a large majority of us love candles. Candles influence your sense, mood & trigger happy thoughts. I created this with a mother in mind who never gets a break.

 She deserved a space where she can escape for just one minute, even if it was in the bathroom with a glass of wine and candle to spark the vibe. It's okay to treat yourself and indulge in self care. 

Try your vibe enhancer today!

Bèl Flame Candles Co is a luxury candle company now located in Charlotte, NC