How Covid-19 affected the Candle Industry


What a year it has been, eventful would be an understatement. So much has gone on and changed within our lives, some for the better, however, unfortunately many for the worse. Looking on the positive side, there are a number of countries in the world including the United States that are on the road to recovery. After rolling out a solid vaccination process, many are on-board and keen to get back to some sort of normality.


While some countries and even cities were more vulnerable than others, we are still seeing the impact that the pandemic has had on the economy. Covid-19 has crushed so many industries from airlines to oil, to the hair, fashion and furniture industry. As time goes on and more layers are peeled back, we are now discovering even more ways that the outbreak has damaged the economy, including unexpected pandemic consequences. Being in the candle making industry, my fellow chandlers know we have dealt first-hand with the way the spread of coronavirus has severely affected the sector. The temporary shutdown of key factories and manufacturing companies producing wax, led to a major disturbance in the the supply and demand chain. 

 And then there was a jar shortage!

 With so many cities thrown into a rather abrupt lockdown across the world, many turned to a need for home preserving as a way of keeping a healthy stash of food and other homemade items. In addition to this, people’s free time increased significantly and there were so many individuals trying their hand at home cooking, DIY or arts and crafts. This increase in the number of purchases led to a nationwide shortage of jars, which eventually affected industries such as the candle sector who use these jars to craft a wide range of candles.


How did we pivot to keep up with industry changes?


Knowing that candles provide a sense of comfort and calm during this challenging time, it was important for us here at Bèl Flame Candles to pivot and come up with a new solution for providing our customers with quality packaging for our candles. We found ourselves turning to options such as pillar candles, silhouette body candles, and bubble candles. 


As we begin to prepare for what may be the future normal, we are now pleased to offer a variety of new and fun candles for around the home and working spaces. Candles are a vibe enhancer and that’s no different for our new premium bubble scented candles that we’ve added to our original collection. Not only do they smell delightful but they are also beautiful to look at, making them the ideal addition to your home décor.


 It’s important to create variety in our everyday surroundings, especially as we’re spending so much time within the same spaces. Our decorative and scented candles help to create a bit of magic throughout your home and beyond.



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