How scented candles play a part on our mental health

Did you know that scented candles play a key part in the physiological effects of stress, mood, working capacity, and well…basically our overall mental health?

Yes, so there’s no surprise that we’re always on the lookout to fill our homes and spaces with these mood-improving scented beauties. Whether they trigger memories, calm anxiety or simply just bring a touch of zen into our lives, there are so many reasons why people love buying candles so much.


Candles influence your sense and mood

Candles are proven to positively affect our mood through the power of scent and smell. “Setting the mood” is more than a saying when it comes to perfectly placing candles around a space. Once lit, they denote a calming and soothing atmosphere. Why not try dimming the lights and putting out candles to unwind in a more peaceful presence? You’ll instantly notice through the small flickering lights you can create a vibe that inspires pure relaxation.


Candles trigger happy thoughts

Have you ever smelt a candle scent that immediately whisks you away to a specific place and time in your life? Candles such as those in our collection here at Bèl Flame come in so many wonderful smells that we can associate with cheerful moments. Due to the way our limbic system works, scent, emotion and memory are intertwined which allows us to reminisce on certain memories. Discover the range of scents we have for you to try and sniff your way to happiness.


Candles boost productivity and concentration

Our sense of smell is so powerful that it can shape certain behaviours such as helping to promote concentration, focus and improve productivity. Whether you are studying or meditating, having candles in view where you can see their calming glow and watch them burn are perfect as you work or meditate away. With many of us still working from home amongst many everyday distractions, burning a candle or two nearby has become a must for many as their worker-friendly powers have proven to help with concentration and efficiency.


Candles are a go-to gift

When celebrations are in order for someone’s birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, housewarming or ‘just because’, candles can be the perfect gift for all special occasions. From creating a peaceful environment, to adding style, candles are sure to be appreciated by everyone, which is why people love buying them as gifts.  

In addition to their practical purpose, scented candles have grown in popularity over the years to become key aspects to self-care and wellness. No matter how candles are used in our everyday routines, their powerful aromatherapy perfectly elevates any experience, enticing us to always be on the lookout for more.



Don’t be afraid to experiment with the many scents we have available at Bel Flame Candles.  It’s the perfect way to awaken your senses and provide you with a sensory experience like no other. You may even discover a scent that you didn’t know you loved. That’s right! The key to happiness might be right under your nose. Head over to our website today





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