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 It all started with a love for flowers and the sweet-smelling oasis they fill the air with. I’ve had a minor obsession with flowers since I was a child. From time to time as an adult I purchase flowers for myself. I am here to tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with that LOL ! On a discovery to find a way to bring the fragrance of nature into our homes, Bèl Flame Candle co. was born, a beautiful collection of candles that unravel the complexity of natural scents, adding a touch of Zen to our every day lives.


Based in Brooklyn NY, Bèl Flame Candles was founded by me Danielle Anyasodor-Lafontant. With the same love exuded towards my personal life as a mother and a wife, I indulge in the art of candle-making, a love that is reflected in all of my creations.

Taking pride in creating eco-friendly, long-lasting candles that pack a powerful punch to the senses. The mission of Bèl Flame Candles is simple, treat yourself & your loved ones and remember to take time to indulge in self-care.


Scented candles seem to release a different kind of energy into the air, and whether you are seeking ultimate relaxation or a scent to lift you off your feet, Bèl Flame Candles has the perfect one for you.

With a belief that some great things come in small batches, each candle is carefully hand poured ensuring the surfaces are smooth, the wicks are centered and the overall quality is just almost perfect. Thats the Virgo in me lol. The entire process for one small batch of around ten to twenty candles can take up to two hours to create with full dedication and passion. Trust it does get really hot in my 4x4 kitchen. Literally a little blood (glass jar fell on my foot), a lot of sweat & happy tears. 

For me, crafting these special candles is therapeutic and holistic all at the same time. As a floral enthusiast, I love the added effect that flowers bring to the candle scents. I enjoy topping them onto the candles such as Sunday Morning, Flower Bomb, Sea salt & Orchid, and others.


The wax used for the entire collection of candles and wax melts is 100% soy wax, a vegetable wax that is made from the oil of soybeans, not only is it vegan, but it is also all-natural. Soy candles are safer than their unnatural alternatives, the paraffin wax candles, and on top of this, they are renewable and biodegradable. Bringing a Bèl Flame Candle into your home is helping you to do your part for the environment, by using a natural and renewable source.

Our core value from the moment we launched Bèl Flame Candles has been to craft an elegantly intended candle using eco-friendly, safe ingredients, 100% essential oils and premium fragrance oils, that not only smell amazing, but are healthy and can gently burn in your home. Candles are a personal extension of your home and mood, they allow you to surround yourself with your favorite scents to set the mood and stimulate your senses.

 I am very so proud of our candle collection and hopes you enjoy our handmade products as much as I enjoy creating them! Whichever candle or wax melt you decide to purchase; you can be assured of my commitment to delivering the highest quality that you’ll surely love.


Peace + Love,



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